Introduce new initiatives that deliver new products, services and business models that increase the supply of processed and semi-processed agricultural commodities produced by poor producers in Malawi that either develop new or enhance existing export markets or that can be a substitute for imported products in the Malawian Market.

Roseberry Farms

Roseberry Farms aims to increase production of high value horticultural crops in Blantyre and Thyolo through an inclusive business model with integration of a cool logistics chain, and processing and packaging the products for supermarkets. Through this project, Roseberry Farms intends to compete directly with the international brands on quality and price as it will offer the Malawian consumer high value produce which will be fresher by reducing the time from harvest to the shelf. The project will also directly contribute to import substitution and the value addition of locally grown commodities.

Kwithu Producers and Marketing Cooperative

This project developed by Afribam, has three main components i) Setting up a large scale commercial Bamboo plantation for the supply of raw materials including establishment of a nursery ii) Setting up a charcoal production unit to produce Bamboo based Charcoal for the domestic market and iii) Development of the market for the product including branding. This project aims to test the commercial viability of establishing an efficient and sustainable method of charcoal production from Bamboo through a supply chain which includes rural households backed by the company’s own plantation.

Satemwa Tea Estates Ltd

Working with a major tea estate and smallholder tea growers association, the MICF grant aims to form partnerships with the goal of accessing specialty tea markets through the exports of high value-added tea in bags. The product will be a herb/ flower/ fruit flavoured tea that is packaged in tea bags and specialty boxes then either branded for the wholesale client in the foreign market or exported unbranded to the clients. The herbs, flowers and fruits used for flavouring will be grown by the farmer association.

This will be the first attempt by a tea company in Malawi to venture into niche markets in Europe and America and follow in the footsteps of other such successful ventures from Rwanda in Central Africa and the first attempt of moving what is essentially a commodity into a much higher value-added product which is less prone to the vagaries of the international tea market. The project will also work closely with the smallholder tea farmers and provide them with technical backstopping to help them supply the project with the herbs/fruits/flowers and the high-quality green leaf. Though the project is targeted at working with over 200 farmers, overall, it is expected to bring in a systematic change in the tea industry in Malawi, creating value-added products, and earning premium prices.

Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union Limited

The fund has provided a matching grant to Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union limited to enable the roasting, grinding, and exporting of single origin, organic, and fair trade certified roasted coffee to the regional market. This will be the first time that organically grown coffee has been roasted and ground by a Malawian firm. The project will establish a unique traceability system to monitor the product from the individual plots to the consumer; train farmers on organic farming practices; and install a roasting and grinding unit for processing organic coffee. In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, 600 farmers will increase their incomes, 115 jobs will be created in the value chain, and foreign exchange will be generated through increased exports of organic coffee.

Afrisphere World Wide Ltd

MICF is working with Afrisphere World Wide Ltd. to implement a highly innovative project in the Northern region of Malawi. This project aims to transform smallholder livestock and ruminant production in the Northern Region of Malawi by setting up a smallholder lead supply chain to process high value halal certified meat products for the export market, backed up with traceability throughout the value chain.