Aims to deliver new products and services that increase exports of manufactured goods produced in Malawi or integrate processes to incorporate local products to reduce reliance on imported goods.

Lilongwe Dairy Limited

Lilongwe Dairy aims to reduce wastage of raw milk in the supply chain by setting up storage infrastructure including cooling tanks, in addition to providing logistics support to farmers thereby offering them the option of supplying warm milk directly to the company rather than depending on bulking groups which are being poorly managed. The project will establish a traceability system with targeted agro-vet services for farmers.

Afribam Limited

This project developed by Afribam, has three main components i) Setting up a large scale commercial Bamboo plantation for the supply of raw materials including establishment of a nursery ii) Setting up a charcoal production unit to produce Bamboo based Charcoal for the domestic market and iii) Development of the market for the product including branding. This project aims to test the commercial viability of establishing an efficient and sustainable method of charcoal production from Bamboo through a supply chain which includes rural households backed by the company’s own plantation.

Kapani Enterprises

Kapani Enterprises aims to create a smallholder lead supply chain for the supply of “free range” chicken which will be processed and branded for the domestic market under a new brand name “Nkhuku Zabwino”. it will be the first time that a private sector company organizes rural farmers into groups, provide them with technical backstopping to achieve the required quality standards and enable direct access to a lucrative retail market.


Arkay Plastic Industries Ltd has introduced a new household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) product in the form of low-cost tabletop water filters. The product will be mass produced in Malawi and made available at a price point which is 60% lower than the current price for similar filters. This will make it affordable for low-income families, who previously could not afford filters.

Sunseed Oil Limited

Sunseed Oil Limited will establish a sustainable vertically integrated program, incorporating over 10,000 smallholder farmers, which will ensure a steady supply of raw material for an innovative new long life fridge free margarine product. The project will introduce hybrid high oil content sunflower seed to smallholder farmers in the Lilongwe-Kasungu region. This will enable these farmers to obtain higher yields, resulting in a 40% increase in income. At the same time, the company will ensure that it has a more sustainable supply of crushed seed.  The main objective of the project is to promote import substitution and value addition of locally grown produce in order to increase the revenue base, create employment and generate foreign exchange earnings for the country.