Transformation of smallholder livestock production in the Northern region of Malawi 

  • MICF is working with a meat producer to implement a highly innovative project in the Northern region of Malawi. This project aims to transform smallholder livestock and ruminant production in the Northern Region of Malawi by setting up a smallholder lead supply chain to process high value halal certified meat products for the export market, backed up with traceability throughout the value chain. 
  • To achieve production of high-quality beef and beef products, the company will introduce a new breed of cattle which will be used in organized crossbreeding programmes using the latest technological developments in artificial insemination. The company will also tag the cattle so that it can ensure product traceability from the farm gate to the consumer. 
  • The producer will also construct an international grade halal abattoir, through which smallholder farmers will be able to obtain higher incomes by selling higher quality crossbred cattle to the producer. The project will also train field officers and farmers on the benefits of the transition to commercial livestock rearing and will also disseminate information and technologies on proper cattle feeding and rearing techniques to ensure that farmers receive the highest returns on their cattle. 
  • Ultimately the project provides the potential to develop exports quality halal compliant meat products that are traceable. It is also expected to improve the incomes of 3,100 smallholder farmers from cattle rearing and create over 95 new jobs.

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