Integrating smallholder producers to develop long-life margarine in Malawi 

  • MICF has awarded a grant to a company to establish a sustainable vertically integrated program, incorporating over 10,000 smallholder farmers, which will ensure a steady supply of raw material for an innovative new long life fridge free margarine product. The project will for the introduce hybrid high oil content sunflower seed to smallholder farmers in the Lilongwe-Kasungu region. This will enable these farmers to obtain higher yields, resulting in a 40% increase in income. At the same time, the company will ensure that it has a more sustainable supply of crushed seed.  
  • This project is closely aligned to the National Export Strategy by offering a ready market for sunflower seed farmers, while also generating foreign exchange through exports. The main objective of the project is to promote import substitution and value addition of locally grown produce in order to increase the revenue base, create employment and generate foreign exchange earnings for the country.

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