Supporting innovations in storage management of groundnuts:

  • The objective of the project is to increase exports of smallholder groundnuts through innovations in storage management by controlling and monitoring Aflatoxin during post-harvest storage.  This will be achieved by introducing Ultra Hermetic Storage and Decentralized Aflatoxin Testing as methods of managing post-harvest aflatoxin development, and by improving the tracking of groundnut stock to enable reliable monitoring of stocks along the route from field to export.  
  • The introduction of these new technologies will complement other efforts that are currently engaged in on managing aflatoxin, which include training of smallholder farmers in post-harvest management, and buying nut-in-shell; which can be graded for aflatoxin risk before shelling. This project will be able to demonstrate a technology that could be scaled up nationally across other value chains. The project will work with over 5,000 poor farmers and create over 70 new jobs.

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