Managing Milk Wastage

Milk wastage is a key issue for dairy bulking groups due to an unpredictable power supply, and poor maintenance.  This project aims to reduce wastage in the dairy supply chain by 5% and increase the productivity of milk supply among smallholder dairy farmers. By offering farmers the opportunity to hand over the warm milk to be stored in a new cool storage facility, the project will reduce milk wastage at the producer level. In addition to providing technical support to increase productivity, a new cow pass-on scheme will be introduced, where 150 locally bred impregnated Heifers will be provided to selected farmers. The company will also set up a UHT processing plant where milk will be packed in family packs for the domestic market with the aim of reducing reliance on imports. This project will create new jobs, allow 2,300 smallholder farmers to receive an annual increase in income, and generate additional income for 150 farmers who received a Heifer in the pass-on scheme.